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Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun


What is a Child Asset Builder?

The Child Asset Builder is one of the most beneficial programs available for clients interested in leaving behind death benefits to their heirs. It has the potential to set the course for successful financial stability for generations to come. As a parent or grandparent, wouldn't it be nice if you could leave a generational legacy to your children and grandchildren. 

Child Asset Builder supports your child throughout life. In the event your child suffers from a chronic illness or undergoes a health crisis, he or she will never have to worry about finding coverage. Health risks such as heart disease, strokes, and cancer can be unexpected and expensive. With Child Asset Builder, your child will be supported by the insurance proceeds, which will go towards treatment, co-pays, and time-off at any age.

The Child Asset Builder plan can even be designed to allocate funds for expensive life milestones such as continued education or the purchase of property. Our favorite feature is that it gives your child a head start on a tax-free retirement income. These plans are customizable, and our team will tailor your Child Asset Builder to your unique family situation. 

The Child Asset Builder includes the road map to show you how to help your child/grandchild get from childhood through all of life’s mile markers, into a real retirement. Income Security Associates can show you how to give your heirs a secure financial future.

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