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INCOME SECURITY Associates, LLC - Charlotte, NC

Developing innovative strategies and financial solutions to protect your business assets, retirement plan, family, and financial future.

Planning for Your Future Shouldn't be 


If you're ready to focus on your financial future, we're ready to assist you in achieving your financial planning goals.

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Tax-Free Retirement

Many people do not have a complete understanding of the tax implications that are connected to retirement planning. With retirement planning, taxes are deferred until retirement years, but many clients don’t have a clear vision as to what that means for their post-retirement lifestyle. 

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Office Consultation

The Protection Plan

One of the best tactics for attracting and retaining good employees is to offer competitive benefits, and one of the most popular benefits today are retirement plans. Not only that, many states today are now mandating that businesses offer them.

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Guaranteed Life Long Income

Where will your retirement money come from? Once you have estimated the amount of money you may need for retirement, a sound approach involves taking a close look at your potential retirement-income sources.

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Asset Based Long Term Care Protection

The new kind of life insurance that includes “living benefits” you don’t have to die to use. Death? Beneficiary wins. Long Term Care event? The insured wins. This is a win:win.

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Contract Review

Life Insurance Review

During your life insurance review, I will take a thorough look into your coverages to determine if your policies meet your needs and determine if any changes are necessary and advise you on which coverages and policies are best for your unique circumstance.

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Child Asset Builder

The Child Asset Builder is one of the most beneficial programs available for clients interested in leaving behind death benefits to their heirs. It has the potential to set the course for successful financial stability for generations to come.

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Thousands of happy clients in my 20 years in business in Charlotte.
Get the same solid financial plan as 85% of all Fortune 500 CEOs.
Market-like growth, with no market-like risk.
My goal is to get you to stop worrying about retirement and put you on the right track to a happy retirement.

Pete is a great person to have on your team. His work ethic is above reproach and his knowledge base is deep and concise. He authentically cares for the client and that their best interest is put first.

Ginger Ecklund, MSSL

Director, Dynamicweb

Pete has a unique approach to his industry. He puts his clients needs above his own personal gain. I find that in and of itself to be a most admirable quality. Pete is my financial advisor.

Mark Cherry

National Accounts, Cherry Promotions

Pete's grasp of the maze of insurance options is complete. He will spend the time to insure you make the right decision and is always there if you have a question. 

Nick Stallard

Broker in Charge, Lake & Town Realty

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